B2B Seminars and events are still held location based. Today’s technology also allows us to organise online events, including all benefits that come with it.

From an organisational point of view it might still be a bit weird. Looking at attendees it is clear that there are many advantages for them like traveling distance and attending wherever you are. Online initiatives lower thresholds to attend and will allow visitors to profit maximally against minimum effort.

But even you can benefit from online events. In general you can welcome more visitors and technology supports and encourages the interaction you seek. Viewers can ask questions, take part in a discussion and react to talking points.

The possibilities of live events are endless. They are aimed at the goals you want to achieve. How do you ensure live casting and how do you measure concrete results?

Curious? Join our workshop Live web tv events at the B2B Marketing Forum on 15 March in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. We will show practical examples of ABN AMRO, Netapp, de Donorweek, live arthroscopies and Medisch Contact.

Quadia Web Tv has been organising Live Events for national and international clients for years. Subjects range from information transferring and product introductions to accredited trainings both live and on demand. Quadia Media Manager provides all technology for these events and trainings. The platform will also offer insight in the results and the viewing behaviour of the participants.