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With our exclusive roundtables, engaging webinars, effective master classes and the acclaimed B2B Marketing Awards you’ll find what you need to reach B2B decision makers, leaders, and practitioners – and propel your business forward.

Our exclusive Growth Leaders small-scale network events are exclusive for a handpicked selection of Marketing & Sales Leaders who have been chosen  to attend. They are the perfect opportunity to meet the top leaders in an intimate and relaxed environment.

We have different shapes and sizes of partnerships and sponsorships. We’ll work together to create a unique bundle that boosts your business!

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Benefits of becoming 

our partner


Be part of our marketing


Get exposure through ad materials onsite

Connect with trusted brands

Connect your name directly to prominent and trusted brands in the industry, such as Amazon Web Services, ING and others

Grow your business


Grow the number of opportunities in the market strategically

Increase your engagement

Increase contact with your target customers through onsite presence

Strengthen your brand


Strengthen your brand awareness through our network and extensive database

Secure editorial coverage

Secure editorial coverage of your organisation at the event

What's in it for you as a partner?

  • Show the value of your business directly during sessions, case studies and face-to-face contacts

  • Generate new leads

  • Meet new clients and prospects

  • Reinforce your position amongst B2B marketers

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Inform your target audience about your products and services

  • Identify with inspirational thought leaders from all over the world

  • Get exclusive access to top leaders in our Growth Leaders events

Who are you going
to connect with

Here’s a glimpse of the type of attendees that have joined us in the past:  

Top Industries:
  • Technology

  • E-commerce

  • Finance

  • Telecom

  • Industrial Equipments

  • Media

  • Insurance

Top Positions:
  • Marketing Directors

  • Heads of Customer Engagement

  • Digital Marketing Directors

  • Heads of Product Management

  • Heads of Marketing Enablement

  • Marketing Managers

  • B2B Sales Directors

A selection of companies that attend our events again and again



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