It’s been a year since we last spoke to Nico Verspaget of Quadia Web TV and what a year it has been. Quadia launched its online video platform and Van den Ende & Deitmers became a shareholder in the company. Exciting times, and it seems that the water will not settle down just yet.

Speaking to CEO and founder of Quadia Web TV, Nico Verspaget, only confirms what we expected; business is booming and will only grow more. But not in the sectors we expected. Medical channels have seen a rise in success with the latest favourite being a filmed prescription of pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.


We ask Verspaget what he sees as the biggest trends and challenges for web video.  He is more than happy to share these with the readers of our B2B Marketing Forum Blog.

  • Measuring interaction: You can actually utilize online video to measure interaction, measure the success of content.
  • Being in the right places: By using online content it is easier to find out where your customer is. Marketers are really considering where to place their online videos.
  • Multiple platforms: Content that is readily available on multiple platforms. It may seem easy but in reality this has proven to be quite difficult.


  • how to manage different source files,
  • to ensure that your content is readily available via different platforms and
  • to measure the revenue of the online content. Companies even use online video to streamline business processes (i.e. customer service).

Video enables the conversation

According to Verspaget online video enables conversations. Video provides new dimensions to your content and it also shapes your content. Social media and online video reinforce each other.

Online video in B2B marketing will be discussed during a workshop at the B2B Marketing Forum on 20th March in Amsterdam. Verspaget will talk about how to use online video, about ROI and measuring success. Want to attend the B2B Marketing Forum?