To Nico Verspaget from Quadia Web TV online video is not something new. Since starting the company in 2004 Verspaget has seen the popularity of online video rise and rise, especially in B2B marketing. Looking at the difference in conversion between text and video bannering you see a 15 per cent higher rate for the latter.

“The future of the internet is a focus on niches. For this purpose video is ideal. You can use video in every stage of the sales funnel. When your customer is not yet a lead, attract him by offering general backgrounds in video. Don’t focus on the product or service too much. If they are turning into actual leads offer them reference cases to help them decide for you. If they want to know more about your product offer demos. But don’t stop after the signature. When they have actually signed on, ensure you give them online video manuals etc.”

Verspaget not only believes in online video as a useful B2B marketing tool. It is also valuable for internal communications. “Get your management to explain executive decisions in depth. Not just a brief statement at the monthly sales meeting but really go into any questions your staff might have. “

At B2B Marketing Forum Quadia Web TV will be broadcasting live all day. They will also offer a lunch & learn session during the lunch break and 2 interactive workshops throughout the day.

Number 1 is on live events. Imagine a webinar but then with video. Quadia will give examples of how you can offer an online event without conflicting your ROI.

The second workshop focuses on online video more in general. The workshop will show that online video is more than Youtube clips and pre-rolls. Expect examples of B2B marketing and internal communications.

If you’re interested in these workshops be aware that space is limited to max 20 persons and registration is required on site. Please check language (English or Dutch).