Customer experience management is one of the main challenges B2B marketers are facing. Questions arise such as how companies can improve customer experience while still delivering tangible business benefits? Which disciplines should be involved and how can customer retention play a role? spotONvision spoke to Elena Enthoven from Elsevier and picked up some tricks and tips.

Elena Enthoven“In the B2B business we see an increased focus on customer experience management. This calls for solutions that keep the customer at the heart of things, while still delivering tangible business benefits.” Elena Enthoven, global marketing program manager at Elsevier, is prepared to share her view on the matter during the B2B Marketing Forum. Elsevier is world-leader in information solutions. Data and insights provided support science, health, and technology professionals in making better decisions and delivering better care to their clients. Elena’s role is to create and implement structured marketing programs that lead to valuable lifetime customers. “This is challenging on all fronts. It’s important to align people, processes, capabilities and technology and work together on a joint focus, namely customer centricity. By doing this we have been able to realise companywide programs that can clearly contribute to maintaining valuable customers, on the long-term.”

So what is the truth about retention?

Elena: “The truth is that retaining customers simply means keeping up with their needs. Today we are in a highly competitive market and businesses can only succeed in responding to ever-changing customer behavior and needs if they continue to innovate. Business changes just aren’t possible if the various divisions don’t work together. That’s why at Elsevier we ensure that people, processes, capabilities and technology are in place and collectively contributing to customer value. In a practical sense this means the Customer Service, Operations, Technology, Marketing and Sales departments must all work closely together towards a common goal. During my session at the B2B Marketing Forum I will share the best practices and key considerations to address if you want to serve your customers better. The main goal is to creating great customer experiences, at every step of the way. By aligning all the components in an organization – people, processes, capabilities and technology – I believe we can offer value from end-to-end during a customer’s journey.”

What can marketers expect from your session?

“The session will have a very practical format and will help you to start seizing the most valuable opportunities today. It will help you to answer the following questions:

  • How do you become more innovative in Customer Retention?
  • How do you lead and manage the change in your organization?
  • How do you avoid pitfalls and problems?
  • How do you use programs and tools to get the best results?

And of course, besides my session the program is exciting and inviting. The B2B marketing Forum is a great opportunity to meet new peers and discuss marketing trends and topics.”

Want to learn more about customer experience management? Take some time to join in on Elena’s masterclass on ‘The truth about Retention’ during the B2B Marketing Forum on March 17th and learn more about innovative customer retention and how to apply this tomorrow to your business.