It was not a fun time when all consumers lost their trust in financial advisors during the insurance crisis a while back. For insurance company Cardif (BNP Paribas Assurance) this was the moment to jump on the bandwagon and regain the trust of its customers by getting its financial advisors, or brokers, to use social media more.

In a video-interview with spotONvision, Marieke van Zuien, director Corporate Communication and CSR at Cardif, explains what were the motivators to use social media and get their brokers to use it to open conversations with the consumers behind these brokers. Since commissions became less leading due to new laws, consumers were now the ones with all the power so this meant a complete new approach to a way of communicating that had not been altered in a long time.

Van Zuien explains how Cardif went about the new approach to marketing and communications in Business to Business but also in Business to Consumer. The links with both their consumers as well as their brokers has tightened and social media has played a crucial role in this. During B2B Marketing Forum on 15th March Marieke will showcase the way Cardif has engaged B2B and B2C via social media. She will clearly show pitfalls, successes and failures to help you get started with social media and B2B engagement.

The full interview can be found on Marketingfacts