feedbackWithin may B2B-organisations Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used as an accepted measurement tool for evaluating customer experience. The real challenge is to turn these insights into the actual realisation of improvements that impact the customer experience. What does this mean in practice and how to organize it within your organisation?

Marije van Donselaar (Head of Marketing Strategy) and Wouter van der Drift (Customer Experience Manager) will tell you how they did this at Nuon during their case study at the B2B Marketing Forum. In this interview you will already give you a sneak peak of the presentation.

What will you be talking about during your case study at the B2B Marketing Forum?

“In 2014 Nuon Business started with the continuosly measuring and using customer feedback to realise a better customer experience. In our case study we will show you the experience we at Nuon Business have gathered in working on a structural base on customer experience and which effects this has on the results, qualitatively and quantitively.

In our case study we will look at measuring NPS on a relational and transactional level, applying feedback on strategic, tactic and operational level, setting up a continuous improvement loop and the actual realisation of improvements in customer experience. “

What do you think are the biggest visible trends in B2B marketing?

“We are seeing a shift in the role of marketing in B2B organisations. Instead of just being supportive in the sales process, marketing takes a more leading role from strategy till multichannel management.

A linear sales/relationship management process in which we assume that a single challenge approach is enough, cannot be take for granted anymore. The need for a multichannel approach in which the customer journey is leading, will only increase.”

Why should B2B marketers not miss the forum?

“The B2B Marketing Forum is an exclusive B2B marketers event and therefore one of the only events where B2B marketers can get together to share experiences and knowledge.

Why do people need to come to your case study?

“Nuon Business has set up a programme to permanently work on improving customer experience and customer relationships. The programme is specially focusses on the business decisionmaker and the most relevant users.

Working on customer experience on a structural bases has been a standard within all levels, in different teams, from strategy to execution. This has allowed the NPS to increase within one year with 10 points and puts us above the benchmark in the business market.”

Do you want to learn more about how you can improve the customer experience within your organisation, then you should not miss out on this case study.