A recent PeekAnalytics study reveals some of the most influential persons in the social web, over and above large social media outlets. Canadian marketer and author, Scott Stratten, who will visit The Netherlands in March 2012 appears on the 5th place in this top 10.

PeekAnalytics created Social media audience metrics to help us understand how influential some people are in social media. They measured people by the strength of their identifiable networks. So who in your network can be identified (real people names), who in your followers-group out there is actively contributing and building own networks?

Below you’ll find the table that reveals the top 10 social media influencers worldwide.

Some basic explanations about the metrics:
Pull – If someone has o pull of 50X, this means that the audience he or she could reach is at least 50 times greater than the average social media user (analysis based on Twitter). Imagine this: If Scott Stratten posts a Tweet, he could reach 2,079 times greater than the average Twitter user or the Tweet could reach the same audience as 2,079 average people tweeting the same message!!
Identified consumer count – the ability to identify individuals that is they follow someone, people follow them and they share information about themselves online. They are real. Scott has almost 70,000 identified individuals following him.
Consumer Ratio is the ratio of verifiable, addressable users to non-verifiable. 63% of Scott’s followers are identifiable!!

In addition, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, takes the 2nd place on the list with a very strong network of followers. MarketingProfs happens to be one of B2B Marketing Forum media partners and we are certainly proud of that!

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