Quality, not quantity. This motto also applies to client databases from B2B companies. Many companies pay too little attention to the quality of their client databases and are generating less leads than they could be getting.

A considerable number of B2B companies does not reach their clients simply because their database is polluted. On average a company’s database contains 30% murky data. You’ll probably think: “I’ll just update the data.” Partially true, but updating alone is not enough. Insight is Cendris’ motto.

A company needs insight in its clients and its client database. If you want qualitative leads, you will need to know who your perfect customer is. Ask questions like: What characteristics does he have? What are his motives to buy? When does his current contract end?


If you’ve answered these questions, you can start cleaning out your client database starting with completing the missing data. If you know who your target group is, then you can also buy similar data from specialised companies. Utilising an appealing client activity, where you ask for personal data, lets you target them more specifically. This will all contribute to a more up to date client database. You can analyse these files and make solid predictions.

An up to date client database is the basis for finding qualitative leads B2B marketing leads. Whoever knows his perfect client will converse. Cendris wonders if you know your perfect client. Cendris is Silver Sponsor of B2B Marketing Forum that is held 15 March in Amsterdam.