Exciting times in Business-to-Business marketing and communication have arrived. New tools, technologies and tactics are transforming the way marketers engage with prospects and turn these engagements into revenue. B2B marketers focus more and more on lead strategies to engage the decision makers.

According to the latest figures of Forrester Research, B2B buyers find their way through the buyer journey for 66 to 90% of the journey by themselves, before reaching out to any vendor. This makes the role of Marketing much bigger than before, as marketing own a big part of the puzzle to generate leads, to nurture, to qualify and to hand over to sales colleagues.

And that’s how we decided on the theme of the B2B Marketing Forum 2013 ‘The Great Journey: from lead to customer’. All sessions during the Forum connect with the subthemes of ‘The Great Journey: from lead to customer’:

  1. Buyer insights
  2. Marketing strategies
  3. Lead Management
  4. Marketing automation

During the Forum we’ll give answers to questions like:

  • How do I deal with the decision processes during the buyer journey?
  • How do I increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue cycle?
  • How do I change a lead into a buyer?
  • How can I use content marketing and social media that it really supports the buying process?
  • How can marketing automation help me in implementing a revenue-performance marketing strategy?

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