When thinking of Philips your mind instantly turns to televisions, light bulbs and kitchen goods. But for Philips their B2B customers are just as important as their C2C consumers. To be more precise over half of their sales are B2B. No wonder they are using all sorts of dedicated B2B campaigns to ensure their marketing is top notch. Luckily you can learn from their experience in B2B marketing during the B2B Marketing Forum on 20 March. Two speakers of Philips Healthcare will show how they handle their B2B community and social media.

From theory to best practice

Patrick Filius and Kors van Wyngaarden will be offering examples of what they have done and will be doing in the short term. As they say in an interview with spotONvision ‘there is enough theory to find on doing the right B2B marketing. What we struggled with is how to turn all this into a practise that fits your brand.’ They figured if we are struggling with turning theory into practise then more B2B marketers will.

Relevance and added value

During B2B marketing forum they will show how Philips has since focussed on their target audience. They have learnt what a day in the life of their customer consists off and have seen that their customers are mostly interested in communicating with peers. This has since become an important focus point in their campaigns. This will offer relevance to customers and will ensure that their campaign offers true added value.

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