B2B marketing deserves more attention according to B2B marketing agency spotONvision. Nederlands Instituut voor Marketing (NIMA) Couldn’t agree more. time to join forces. time for a strategic alliance between NIMA and spotONvision.

Bringing together knowledge and expertise

NIMA’s platform B2B tries to bring together knowledge and expertise. spotONvision has been rooting for this as well. The agency, founded in 2006 is led by Ingrid Archer and Shimon Ben Ayoun. They have been organizing the B2B Marketing Forum and the B2B Marketing & Communicatie Award since 2010. The latter has changed this year to the NIMA B2B Award. It thus took only a small effort to broaden this collaboration to a strategic alliance resulting in loads of good for the B2B marketers of the Netherlands. After attending the B2B Marketing Forum marketers may add 10 PE-points for the title of Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). Following the forum there will also be more Expert classes and inspirational sessions.

Attention for B2B Marketing

For long it was not top of marketers agendas: B2B marketing. For spotONvision this was the perfect reason to start the B2B Marketing Forum. It is a platform where B2B marketers share experience and gain specific B2B marketing knowledge. The new collaboration will ensure that knowledge and experiences will only be shared on this specific day in March. Year round there will be attention for B2B marketing. Just as it deserves.

Would you like to attend the B2B Marketing Forum?