The question Michael Brenner gets asked most is not how he does it, but when he does it. Brenner is Senior Director Integrated Marketing at SAP and also founder of, a valuable knowledgebase of B2B marketing insights. Not only does he have a demanding job, he also shares marketing knowledge, based on his experiences and the experience of others.

“I am lucky”, says Brenner in an interview with B2B marketing agency spotONvision. “My employer recognizes the value of what I do outside my daily job. SAP recognizes that thoughtful content is a viable part of any online conversation. We found that marketers can influence software-buying decisions. By spreading knowledge we, marketers contribute to a positive company image.”

Sharing content

To Brenner creating a marketing knowledge database is all part of the job. “To be fair we all need to share knowledge and content. It would be even better if we would all produce content as well.”

To share his knowledge and experience, Brenner blogs twice a week and has a daily rump around social media. This has led him to three valuable tips for marketers.

  1. You need to understand your audience: discuss buyer challenges; revolve your content strategy around these challenges, since it is the most vital part of any marketing strategy.
  2. Undertake an audit of content that is being produced: often you will find certain content is not used in an effective way or it does not reach the right personas. Also check costs that are involved with the generating and spreading of content.
  3. Understand media consumption: only spend your media money where you know it will be worth its value.

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