Business Buyer Insights XL 2014: 2 myths debunked

businessbuyerinsights2014How do B2B buyers decide on large investments? Any sales or marketing professional would like to have more insights in this process. In the annual Dutch survey for the B2B-community, by spotONvision and TNS NIPO, we looked at B2B-investments of more than €100.000,-. The survey is called Business Buyer Insights XL this year.

The findings are based on 15 in-depth interviews with business buyers, employed at larger companies, deciding on contracts over € 100.000,-  and 96 online interviews with business buyers. The Business Buyer Insights XL results will be presented during the B2B Marketing Forum in The Netherlands on March 13th.

Today a sneak preview: 2 myths debunked

Myth 1: All B2B buyers go online
The influence of ‘online’ for large contracts is far smaller than we would think. This is partly due to the fact that a buyer knows his/her long list pretty quick and even when still in doubt, he/she simply asks a colleague or peer.

Myth 2: First contact takes place after 70% of the buyer journey
The first contact of a business buyer with a supplier takes place far quicker than we tend to think. The 70% myth can be debunked as the buyer knows exactly who to go to, and even more he knows who to contact within a supplying company.

Do you want to learn more about why and how business buyers made their final choice when investing in a large contract? The latest Business Buyer Insights XL 2014 results will be shared during the B2B Marketing Forum.