Most managers can’t stop talking about the importance of customer relations. When asked about the position of customer experience within the company it is clear that management does not put its money where its mouth is. Philips is a nice exception to this rule. Arne van de Wijdeven, responsible for Global Customer Experience at Philips Headquarters explains:

“When we started our real focus on global customer experience in 2006, our board decided to immediately make it a strategic issue. Strict Key Performance Indicators were set globally and are measured regularly. Part of the managements’ bonus is dependent on the outcome of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) so it truly is a key managerial issue.”

Looking back on the way Philips used to measure customer experience Van de Wijdeven sees where it went wrong in the beginning; Philips was not focussed on the future of client satisfaction. “We were just measuring the here and now. Switching to the NPS has given Philips a clear advance to its competitors. Now the likelihood of recommendation is measured, giving a good forward view in stead of a look backward.”

The overall goal now is to reach a higher NPS than the competition. And it has paid off.  Looking at its revenues, Philips sees that a higher NPS in a particular area creates higher revenues in that area.

At the B2B Marketing Forum on March 15th Arne will explain how to turn your promoters into brand advocates. He will speak from his own experience and will ensure a riveting presentation that will inspire you to go out and find your own ambassadors.

You can find the full interview in Marketingfacts