[Video] Tiffani Bova over de samenwerking tussen marketing en sales

Shimon Ben Ayoun ging tijdens het B2B Marketing Forum in gesprek met Tiffani Bova, zij is Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist bij Salesforce en Wall Street Journal bestseller auteur van het boek Growth IQ. Tiffani vertelt over haar kijk op de samenwerking tussen marketing en sales en gaat dieper in op het belang van customer experience.

Bekijk het gesprek in de video hieronder.

Transcript interview Tiffani Bova

Shimon: Great to have you in Amsterdam, thanks very much for the great presentation. How do you see the sales profession change in the light of the new technology, the AI and of course the customers that change their expectations?

Tiffani: You know, here’s what has always worried me. When digital marketing technology started to pick up 7 or 8 years ago. I was surprised to actually see that I felt the gap between sales and marketing was actually getting bigger instead of smaller.

I was hoping that digital marketing would help pull the two together from a technology standpoint. But I’ve actually seen it sort of pull them apart. And so you hear comments from marketers like: Marketing owns Customer Experience; Marketing owns the customer. That kind of ownership always worries me, because everybody needs to own it. Or nobody owns it. And so, trying to get those two groups together, with sales and marketing has everything to do with: is the customer having an experience?

It’s now this handoff marketers have far more power online, sales people get pulled in later in the buying journey. And so the handoff may bounce back and forth between sales and marketing. And so it can’t just be like, they do this and we do that. Otherwise the customer is stuck in the middle, feeling like their dealing with two very different companies.

Shimon: However when I look at our customers or look at B2B brands today. Our sole focus with the marketing and sales on generating new business. That they are really forgetting customer experience or their customers, what do you say to this?

Tiffani: It’s a big miss and so one of the chapters in my book is customer-based penetration. And this is one that I feel like brands do a couple of things.

One, their so squarely focused on acquiring net new, because a lot of that has to do with the metric that they’re being measured on as a marketer. But you know one of the examples that I use in my book Growth IQ is: You are mining for gold and you find gold. You don’t go, I found gold and now I’m going to find another hill. You mine until the gold is gone and then you move on. It’s like you acquire all these customers and then you just let them have this very different experience.

I’d say trust is the foundation of everything, if they don’t trust that you’re going to do something right. And if something happens, you have to be very quick and transparent. It happened, here is what we have done to fix it. You can’t try to fool a customer in any way. So if you’re going to capture the data, they want to trust that you’re going to treat it appropriately. But then if you have it and how you use it same thing, it just needs to be built on trust.

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