[Video] Jamie Anderson over de impact van digitalisering op marketing

Shimon Ben Ayoun sprak tijdens het B2B Marketing Forum met Jamie Anderson. Jamie is President of EMEA Digital Experience bij Marketo. Tijdens dit gesprek gaat hij in op de impact van digitalisering op marketing en deelt een waardevolle B2B Marketing tip.

Bekijk het gesprek in de video hieronder.

Transcript interview Jamie Anderson

Shimon: Thank you for coming all the way over from Scotland today to the B2B Marketing Forum.

Jamie: You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure.

Shimon: One of the first questions I want to ask you Jamie, what are the things that you think technology will bring to marketing in the next few years?

Jamie: I’m excited about a lot of things, marketing in general. I think that technology is an incredibly valuable tool for marketers, it’s just the sheer volume of touch points with a customer now. There is no way to manually read all those things. You know, get real insight from immediate feedback that you get from customers is really important.

AI, machine learning has a huge role to play, still does. I believe it’s still in it’s infancy. The sheer volume of activities and touchpoints with customers means that there is more data. There is no way that a marketer could sift through that, find the trends and create more and more relevant content. And that is what it’s going to be all about.

Shimon: We learnt today that personalization is going to be key to successful marketing in the future. How is Marketo going to help its customers or marketers?

Jamie: It’s the whole story. For years we grew up believing as marketers that the marketing funnel was the metaphor.

It was like awareness, interest, desire and action. And is presenting a very linear way. But a customer needs change and needs these changes quickly. And our ability to interact with the customer, as I said, it’s skill. To interact with them in the moment, to understand the difference between something they do as an implicit signal versus something they do explicitly. Technology enables us to pull all those signals together and make sense of it. To become, as marketers, a signal through the noise.

Shimon: What do you think is the biggest challenge nowadays, also from technology value standpoint but also from marketing standpoint to keep up with this race?

Jamie: It’s a uniquely difficult time, as a former CMO, the sheer volume of solutions that are out there. That are available to you to buy. It’s very difficult to make the right choice. I think you can find yourself second guessing all the time.

I think the key thing comes down to simple human stuff, when you’re sitting with a vendor: Do you trust them? Do they truly understand what it is what you’re trying to achieve? Do they have an ecosystem that can support you beyond what they can do for you? I think these are all the questions you need to ask.

Shimon: If you have to give them one tip, based on what you know and based on what you heard today. What would be the first thing that they need to do when they go back to their desk tomorrow?

Jamie: The ultimate success in B2B is how sales and marketing work together. Like I said in my presentation: guys, you got to love each other. You’ve got to find a way to come together and love each other.

Share some common goals, outcomes, KPI’s and make it meaningful. So come together, love each other and you will win.

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