Will you B2B my Valentine? About love in business-to-business

Invite your sales colleague to the Forum on March 14th … for free

I love B2BLove is probably the most talked and sung about topics in the world. So why not implement it in the business you are passionate about? Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting office affairs or forbidden relationships. This is about you and your sales manager going on a date, to the B2B Marketing Forum on 14th March.

For some people Valentine day is a special day. For others it’s just an excuse to buy sweets and flowers or send cards to the people they love anonymously. For us at the Forum, it’s an opportunity to reach out to people just like you! Marketers who should attend the B2B Marketing Forum in Amsterdam, but haven’t registered yet. So here is a little incentive.

A Valentine present for you and…

Nowadays it’s not easy to impress others. We used to surprise the other with a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. These days however people don’t seem to settle for less than a romantic candlelight dinner with a private violinist. That’s why we are offering you an alternative. That’s why we offer you this once in a lifetime opportunity. You can finally invite that one and only person, the colleague you’ve had a crush on for years: your sales manager. You can invite him or her to accompany you to the B2B Marketing Forum free of charge!

Turn your lead into a customer

Just imagine having a romantic day out, listening to philosophers, marketing and sales experts such as Nick Southgate, Mike Volpe and Meta Karagianni. Even more, Meta will speak about the happy happy marriage between marketing and sales! Get enchanted by case studies from UNIT 4, Philips Healthcare and TNS NIPO. Want to learn more about how to romance a lead into a customer? Join the masterclass from spotONvision and find out how. Or maybe you have your very own ideas on this subject. In that case make sure you join the round tables, where you can talk, discuss and inspire others.

All these ingredients are now available to you to turn your date into an inspiring, educational and most of all, romantic one. What are you waiting for? Register this week to the Forum together with your sales colleague and get 1 ticket for free. This offer is only valid until Friday 15th February and is not valid in combination with other discounts or offers. So feel free, but hurry up and sign up now for you Valentine date!