Why you should not miss the B2B Marketing Forum on March 17th 2016

Checklist 10 redenenWithin less than two months, the seventh edition of the event of the year takes place: The B2B Marketing Forum. Have you already registered or are you still wondering whether you should? Read on for the 10 reasons why you should not miss out on this spectacular event.

  1. Experience how the top-of-class marketers focus more on customer retention and the customer lifecycle, making this the most important channel for new customer acquisition
  2. Results of the Annual Marketing Performance Management research by spotONvision, and results of the annual joint research by TNS Nipo and spotONvision on personal contact in the B2B buyer and customer journey.
  3. To take home: practical marketing tips, in-depth marketing knowledge, exclusive masterclasses, hands-on sessions and networking possibilities with hundreds of B2B colleagues.
  4. Engage yourself with everything concerning customer growth. How can you, as a marketer, influence the customer lifecycle? How can you improve engagement with your buyer and customer?
  5. Vote for the best case and help determine the winner of the B2B Marketing Award 2016
  6. Keynote speaker Joseph Jaffe, author of best seller Flip the Funnel
  7. Expert speakers Daniël Vonken (Bruynzeel Storage Systems), Ingrid Archer (spotONvision), Linda Cornelissen (TNS Nipo), Paul Ligtenberg (Number8), Rik ten Wolde (AFAS Software), Reinier Willems (LeasePlan International), Shimon Ben Ayoun (spotONvision), Simon Robinson (Oracle Marketing Cloud), Willemijn Schneyder (Number8)
  8. Entertainment and expertise by host Lars Sørensen
  9. Breakfast for Early Birds: leave before traffic jams begin and start networking early whilst enjoying your breakfast!
  10. On-site Masterclasses for marketing professionals who want to get more out of the day

No more doubts?