The characteristics of mature B2B marketing

In an interview with Cathelijne Quarré-Bijleveld from Snow Software and Leslie Alore from Iron Mountain, we discuss how marketing becomes more and more a multidisciplinary challenge. At the B2B Marketing Forum this year, these die-hard marketers will present a case study about the marketing ecosystem.

 Leslie Alore - Regional Marketing Director Iron Mountain








What exactly is a marketing ecosystem?

“The traditional concept of an ecosystem comes from the field of biology and ecology, describing a community of living organisms in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.

The key characteristic of an ecosystem is interdependence where each component is dependent on each other component. I would define a marketing ecosystem to be just that + more.

In a mature marketing organization, you will find multiple specialists working together. Understanding how different components influence each other is essential to create added value. For example, the role of the PR team is to expand the company’s reach, build up the brand and gain publicity. And they do it by pitching stories to the media with the aim to build brand awareness. By connecting the dots with the digital team, the PR team know they are in the position to influence earned referral traffic to the site. By aligning your SEO efforts with PR you will add value. Our short hand for this is 1+1=3…. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Why is this topic relevant?

“From time to time a business leader will make a remark like ‘Who says these leads wouldn’t have come in anyway, without marketing support’. Or even worse, they think marketing is ‘fluffy’!  Marketing may need to prepare an educational programme to inform the broader organization what marketing is, why it does what it does, and how this contributes to the business and to lives of individuals.

Too many people see only the tip of the marketing iceberg – like a customer forum where they have been one of the hosts – and wrongly identify it with the whole of marketing.

They don’t know anything about the persona research, web content optimization efforts, nurture email flows and other marketing activities. Nor do they understand how the different components of marketing are connected.

Our case study is a way of demonstrating the fundamentals of marketing, how all marketing disciplines impact the buyer journey and how we measure & manage results.”

What can we expect from your case study?

“Based on real examples, we tell a story that shows the power and effectiveness of a truly integrated marketing ecosystem, and the experience it creates from a buyers’ perspective. Our story features two personas: Anna and Alex. Both are triggered by different messages and engage through different channels. By taking you through their journey we will explain what influence different marketing disciplines have in each step, what technology was used and how we measure, manage, and ultimately deliver results.”

Want to know more? Join our session on March 15th.