Ten years B2B Marketing Forum

Quite special, an event that started with a wild idea from the founders Shimon Ben Ayoun and Ingrid Archer, the B2B Marketing Forum in 2006. They had invited marketing guru Seth Godin to the Netherlands as well as the B2B community and the press. That first year determined its success, there was no way back. In the meantime we’ve had many B2B marketers at the Forum, some marketers came 9 times. This year we are celebrating the 10th edition of the B2B Marketing Forum.

This year’s theme will be Game Changers. Looking back at the last 10 years of B2B marketing we see how the game has changed and keeps on changing. It’s visible in the way we work, in the technology available and in the co-operation between sales and marketing.

We have a line-up of great and inspiring speakers and sessions. It would be nice to meet up again.