Why the best buyer experience wins

Our consumer experiences and expectations are influencing our behaviour as a B2B buyer. Most sales reps however have not adapted their way of working to this shift in buyer expectations.

For simple purchases, B2B buyers increasingly prefer ecommerce with no salesperson involved. Complex sales on the other hand still requires sales intervention.

As consumers we shop online and use apps, e.g. Amazon, Netflix, and Booking.com, and we expect to find the information we need when we want it. Sales reps play no role or a minimal role in this process. As the current sales practices aren’t in line with B2B buyer expectations, many sales reps are boring their buyers.

How can you stop boring your buyers and start delivering a better buyer experience?


Sessie B2B Marketing Forum Nederlands This session is in Dutch.

Location: Date: 15 March 2018 Time: 11:50 - 12:25 Louis Jonckheere Tracks:
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