Going hands-on with account-based marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) was the marketing buzzword in 2016. Not only was ABM a trending topic this previous year, it will also be a closely watched topic among B2B-marketers this upcoming year. What exactly is ABM and what is its importance in B2B-marketing and your organization?

Let’s start with a definition:

With ABM your marketing and communication is based on the specific needs of the account that you want to attain. You can approach these accounts by using specific marketing campaigns that directly fit their strategy. In doing so you carry out a message that is aimed at the desires and challenges of specific (potential) clients. Such account-based programs can be active through the entire sales funnel, and thus throughout the entire customer journey.

The least you should know about account-based marketing

  1. A visible ROI

Active implementation of account-based marketing ensures clear and visible results. About 85% of marketers that measure their ROI said that ABM delivers a higher turnover than any other marketing approach (ITSMA – onderzoek ABM 2014).

  1. Marketing & sales alignment

Cooperation between the marketing and sales department is crucial in order to succeed in account-based marketing. As marketer you mold the market together with sales. You will need the insights, contacts, and knowledge from your sales colleagues to become increasingly familiar with the market.

  1. Personalized

With ABM you can send personalized messages to specific accounts. Clients will respond quicker to content that connects with their needs and that is aimed at their business and/or position in the buyer journey.

You may be thinking: “Account-based marketing is nothing new”. That is true, many marketers concern themselves with demarcated programs geared towards specific target groups or clients. An ABM-approach, however, takes a slightly different approach, but not everyone knows this. This is what makes it so interesting! At this time there are also many other tools available to execute your chosen ABM-strategy.

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Get to grips with account-based marketing. Come to the B2B Marketing Forum 2017.