From Digital Marketing to Digital Business in B2B

It is well known that B2C organisations are advanced when it comes to digital marketing, but B2B companies are catching up. Nowadays, B2B organisations constantly need to add additional digital value in order to survive in the current marketing landscape. This means that marketers have to look beyond online marketing and learn to make use of, amongst other things, data.

Hans Molenaar, director at Beeckestijn Business School, will speak at the B2B Marketing Forum about the development from digital marketing to digital business. Hans: “Within many organisations, digitalisation starts at marketing and evolves into many other disciplines. Since customer profitability is much higher within B2B compared to B2C, you see much innovation in this domain among, both big and small B2B organisations.”

I asked Hans about his presentation at the B2B Marketing Forum – what the audience can expect, and why digital marketing is an important topic.

Hans MolenaarWhat can the audience expect from your presentation at the B2B Marketing Forum?

“I will present a digital maturity model. By use of this model, organisations can get a sense of their current status. In addition, I will delve deeper into examples of businesses such as, Siemens, General Electric, Caterpillar, John Deere, Bosch, and Elite.”

Why must businesses add more digital assets in order to survive?

“In many cases digital marketing is applied to gather leads. Many B2B organisations use sales for relationship maintenance. Here lay many possibilities to strengthen the relationship with quality digital value propositions. The use of data can play an important role in this. By adding digital value, B2B organisations can make increased customer profitability a reality as well as strengthen those relationships. Businesses need to look beyond their current products and services in order to survive. The competition is growing and appears to be less and less traditional.”

“Many organisations are momentarily engaged with digital marketing and lead generation. It is important to know that this is the first step of digitization. We are only at the beginning with many more technological developments on the horizon. Many B2B organisations think that these technological developments are mostly applicable to B2C. That is a misconception! Big players like Ebay, Amazon, and Alibaba are targeting the B2B market. During my presentation I want to make organisations aware of this.”

If you could give one tip to the reader over your topic, what would it be?

“Look closely at your current digital value and determine where you want to improve this year.”

Hans will speak about digital marketing at the B2B Marketing Forum 2017 on March 16th. Are you curious to know more about the schedule of the Marketing Forum? Check it out here!