Connecting the dots in B2B: About data, technology and leadership

Interview with Richard Robinson
by Ingrid Archer

Earlier this year Richard Robinson talked about the tipping point between marketing as we know it, and marketing as it will come to be known.

richard robinson keynote spreker b2b marketing forum 2018Robinson is VP at Cambridge Analytica Commercial, a data and behavioral science company helping organizations to understand how to use data to empower the way they can connect to customers.

I am speaking to our 2018 keynote, Richard Robinson, about the changes in marketing and about how this year’s theme of the B2B Marketing Forum ‘Connecting the dots’ applies to his story.

What exactly is the tipping point in marketing?

“At the moment we see a tipping point on several axes in marketing”, so says Robinson. He describes the big role of data, the rise of technology and the change in structure and organization design of the marketing function.

Understanding the data

Data will enable businesses to be more customer-centric and will bring the panacea of the ‘right message to the right person at the right time’ within reach. Especially with the new data regulation driven by GDPR coming up in May, we see a shift in attention to data. Data will help us to connect to the customer in a far more personalized and a far better way.

Data is the lifeblood of any business. It must be useful and usable. We can now finally step away from mass marketing.

Rise of technology in marketing

Many B2B companies have vast amounts of technologies available. “We will see a movement from technology simply enhancing marketing to a stage where technology can empower marketing. You can think of e.g. marketing automation. As part of this, I see that marketers are finally taking control of the technology in marketing and importantly the budget going with it. This is a power shift. The business function of marketing will be in the lead, they will be dictating which marketing technology that should be used”, so says Robinson.

Structure and organizational design of marketing

Next to data and technology Robinson sees a shift in the role of marketing from creative, project and campaign management to a more analytical role: “This means that we will see more data scientists in marketing departments. We will have to be more data savvy. We will see left and right brain thinkers coming together. This will transform the way that marketing will be perceived across the business. We can finally prove how we make the difference.”

We continue our conversation about the difference between B2C and B2B, and about leadership in marketing.

Connecting the dots

As mentioned earlier, Robinson will be keynote speaker at the B2B Marketing Forum in The Netherlands on March 15th 2018. The impact of data-driven marketing has never been in sharper focus. But what does this mean for B2B marketers? Robinson will share how the combination of data analytics, behavioral science and micro-targeting is transforming the way that organizations are engaging with customers and prospects.

Are you looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to make the next steps in the marketing evolution? Book your seat and join Richard Robinson in his story of connecting the dots.