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B2B Marketing Forum 2014: ‘Breaking the Walls between Marketing & Sales’

Thursday the 13th of march the 5th edition of the B2B Marketing Forum took place. This year we discussed the wall between Marketing and Sales. Curious at the pictures? Check them here! Also the presentations are online.

At the 2014 edition of B2B Marketing Forum we would like to discuss co-operation between Marketing and Sales. How we share insights in accountable marketing and how we make the role of marketing essential to the business. So, let’s break down the walls at the B2B Marketing Forum this year!

Essential buyer insights help B2B marketers to create better content, generate better leads and service those leads. However, the game of collecting buyer insight and managing leads is a game for two, for Marketing and Sales. B2B marketers nowadays focus more and more on lead strategies to engage the decision makers. And new tools and technologies are transforming the way marketers engage with prospects and turn these engagements into revenue.

Even though Marketing and Sales have different roles in the organization, we depend on each other and benefit from a good relationship. It all starts with a common understanding of the shared responsibilities of managing leads and opportunities and how to measure success.

‘Breaking the Walls between Marketing & Sales’, a day full of inspiration, knowledge and networking for B2B marketers.

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